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We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse a small glimpse of 20 years of projects
below and enjoy our handmade work with love for every detail.


More Logo Designs

Here is a small glimpse of 20-30 years of logo designs created to view
below and enjoy our handmade work with love for every detail.


Top Notch Services.

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.
Happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.

Graphic Design

With an early illustrative background and love for colour, fonts and grids. A passion for treating every job with care and attention to detail for client needs.


With a passion for images that capture a moment or a story in time. A love of light and expansive experience in photography. Creating images for the Manufacturing | Services | Products | Goods in commercial areas. Whilst also assisting the creative arts fields.


Making stuff from scratch, hands on. Write a recipe or add a flavour to an exisiting brief or concept. This make Interlusion expert in postmodern media.
It makes us the shortest distance between concept and consumer.

Brand & Identity

Since the early 90’s, having had the fortune to be able to create some amazing logo and brands not only for the local and national marketplace but international clients as well.
Whether it be iconic logotype or illustrative building a clients brand for individual need through small business requirements up to corporate identity and style guidelines and management.

Film and Motion Pictures

Interlusion is a vivd studio in regional and national television experience. Complete service and knowledge base from pre-production, production and post-production to deliverables.
Cinema long form and documentary forms along with current social medium formats can be achieved.

Illustration and Layout Services

From illustrations to photoshop compositions and even colour grading and retouching services to page layout editing either draft or finalisation of a print ready document. Finally taking a job right through to the press for printing.

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Who is Interlusion?

Hello! I have been working in the creative fields for over 30 plus years.
Still with childhood wonder and cheeky smile and laugh.
But a solid and mature understanding for business.
I still enjoy watching my clients and friends succeed.


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